Lyrics & Music

About Ologism.

Ologism have exposed air showers, looked for lost bees and revealed the cyber nose; they have appeased exploding ants, loved potatoes and seeded clouds. This, coupled with great music, live demonstrations and energetic performances has seen them perform in pubs, theatres, laneways, halls, cafes, on the back of a truck and on at least one radio telescope.

Ologism appear on stage as a three-piece band, but there are four artists who contribute to the show: Chris Krishna-Pillay, Darren Vogrig, Marty Lubran and Luke Fitzgerald. Chris is one of Australia’s most prominent science communicators and performers. His science-inspired credits include Pre-Coital and Dante’s Laboratory. He occasionally appears in television, most recently in You Have Been Warned (a.k.a. Outrageous Acts of Science) and has experience in drama, musicals, stand-up comedy and radio. He directed Faraday’s Candle and is a regular panelist on popular radio show Einstein A Go-Go (Triple R).

Darren has extensive experience developing and presenting science education programs to a wide variety of audiences. He has a wealth of experience performing with various bands and was for many years the front man for Rolling Stones tribute band Jumpin’ Jack’s Back.

Marty is an ARIA-award winning guitarist, as well as composer, producer and DJ. He has toured with highly acclaimed performers ranging from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins to Eddie Perfect (in Shane Warne: The Musical). He has recorded music for TV series Offspring in which he appears as Mick’s guitarist. He co-composed and produced incidental music for Australian feature films The Castle and Love and Other Catastrophes. He performs with Vaudeville Smash and is a founding member of bands Crackpot and Inverto.

Luke is an award-winning film composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Luke draws from his varied background in orchestral, rock and jazz music to create memorable and unique music for all types of visual media and across all genres including drama, action and comedy. He has written scores for many films including Flicker, The Mapmaker and Tea and Biscuits, as well as for TV series Jungle Fever (MTV). He has played with a variety of bands including The Red Suns and the Danny McCrum Band.

The Ologism team have toured Australia many times, with a repertoire that roams untethered through a range of musical styles, including punk, pop, rock and blues.