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Big night out

If you haven’t heard, this year the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research is celebrating its centenary. In our experience, scientists know how to party and they’ve asked us to help. Ologism is playing at ‘Walter and Eliza’s Big Night Out’ at Federation Square on Saturday 15 August. The onstage team includes Paul McDermott, Rod Quantock and Matt Elsbury, and we will be revealing a brand new song written especially for the occasion - very excitement. Click below for more details.

Back in Batmania

Clearly time has been flying. We recently realised that we haven’t done a gig in Melbourne for a couple of years, but that’s all about to change. We’re doing one show only at Kaleide Theatre Wednesday 9 July, 7:30pm. We love Melbourne (and Melbournians), so it’d be nothing short of ace if you could join us. Tickets here or on the door.


A few years ago we performed at ‘Market of the Mind’ in Melbourne. It was a completely fun gig and a great event, which happens each year during National Science Week, in August. We recently rediscovered some footage from the night. Enjoy.

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