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Future food fun

We’ve had some pretty special food experiences over the years. We’ve eaten great food, we’ve sung in restaurants and we’ve sung about wine, potatoes and resistant starch. Apparently this has not gone unnoticed and we’ve been invited to rock out with some friends at a Melbourne Fringe show - My Veggie Garden Rules. This is a reality TV show, set in 2050, when burgeoning population and climate change have made food production pretty bloody hard. Expect root tubers. 



Take ants for granted at your peril. Here’s another favourite track with lyrics and bonus info. 


Big night out

If you haven’t heard, this year the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research is celebrating its centenary. In our experience, scientists know how to party and they’ve asked us to help. Ologism is playing at ‘Walter and Eliza’s Big Night Out’ at Federation Square on Saturday 15 August. The onstage team includes Paul McDermott, Rod Quantock and Matt Elsbury, and we will be revealing a brand new song written especially for the occasion - very excitement. Click below for more details.


A small theatre and en energetic crowd were the main ingredients for a really fun gig. We thought it’d be fun to add an explosion to one of Marty’s solos (it seemed appropriate in a song about thermodynamics). It was fun, but the chemistry wasn’t all that precise, so we weren’t sure when - or if - it would actually go off and how big it might be. After gathering bits of random footage, this video is less than three minutes, cut down from about 20. It was absolutely worth the wait.

Every now and then we stumble upon a bit of live video that someone shot somewhere and it often brings back fond memories. Here’s some ‘Nanotechnology’, live from Alice Springs.

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