Ologism - live at the Royal Society of Victoria!


The Royal Society of Victoria and Ologism have been trying to organise a gig for ages, but these two highly respected entities have not been able to get our diaries to match. They didn’t have a building until 1859, then it was either one thing or another for either them or us.

If RSV weren’t organising and sponsoring the Burke and Wills expedition, we were shooting a music video on top of the Dish. If they weren’t busy with a visit from the HMS Challenger, we were doing gigs around Australia at pubs, theatres, bowls clubs, universities, sporting grounds and the backs of trucks.

Next, they were all tied up convening the first Australian Antarctic Exploration Committee and then establishing the Victorian Institute of Marine Sciences; we were doing web-streamed performances from under the Sydney Harbour bridge, at the Nati Frinj, on Mount Ainslie, in front of the Alice Springs telegraph exchange and from CapeGrim in Tassie.

Finally we’ve gotten ourselves sorted out and it’s all going to happen on 12 July at 7:30pm. Tickets are available from Eventbrite - just click here, we’d love to see you there.