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The next generation, under our influence

We don’t do many shows for schools and we haven’t done one in Victoria for ages (seriously it’s been years), so we were pleased that about 400 secondary school students and teachers turned up to RMIT’sStorey Hall to watch the show. They were a great audience, so big thanks to them for being ace. 

We were also very pleased that we were able to secure the photographic services of Nick Pitsas to capture the moment(s). Here are a few choice shots from the gig and there are some more in our photos section.

Next stop, Tassie.

Windy web streams

CSIRO has an archive of air dating back to 1978. Researchers from around the globe can ask to use very small samples in their work, but of course there is a limited supply of any particular year. Limited because the air is different now, because atmospheric and geologic processes – and us - are constantly changing it.

So if you want some “standard” air, where does it come from? Tasmania, specifically Cape Grim on the north-west coast. Most of the winds at Cape Grim arrive from Antarctica and the Indian Ocean, without passing over any other major land masses. This makes them a standard or “average” global air source.

The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station is jointly run by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO and is crucial to our understanding of climate and atmospheric systems.

It’s also a completely beautiful and wild part of the world and we’re utterly stoked to be going there.

We’re not quite sure why we chose to visit a wind-swept coast of north-western Tasmania in June, but we urge you to tune in to our web-streamed gig on Tuesday 10 June to see how we fare. The gig will start some time between 12 noon and 2pm (AEST), depending on agreeable technology, so check our Twitter feed on the day for updates and the url.

A few years ago we performed at ‘Market of the Mind’ in Melbourne. It was a completely fun gig and a great event, which happens each year during National Science Week, in August. We recently rediscovered some footage from the night. Enjoy.

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